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A Push for Greater Productivity and Efficiency is a Top Material Handling Trend in 2024

electric trailer dolly, A Push for Greater Productivity and Efficiency is a Top Material Handling Trend in 2024

Electric Trailer Dollies Improve Workplace Safety

Companies in many industries are looking for ways to boost productivity and efficiency in the new year. In the material handling industry, this push is even more important as workers face risks of accidents on the job. The following are some of the top trends that are relevant to these issues.

Labor Shortage

Worker shortages are leading business owners in material handling to look at other options for improving productivity. While some are turning to robotics and other automated systems, there are other solutions to this problem. The use of an electric trailer dolly, for example, allows workers to move loads more efficiently and quickly. This can help make up for having fewer workers to handle these kinds of tasks.

Commercial Construction Costs

The increasing cost of construction has some companies exploring other option for expanding. Rather than paying to have new facilities or additions built, some companies are looking into having overhead conveyors and similar systems installed. This gives companies a way to get more use out of existing space instead of needing new commercial construction.

Quick Delivery Times

With more customers expecting rapid deliveries, companies in the material handling industry have had to find ways to adapt. These businesses need improved ways to have merchandise shipped as quickly as possible without having to wait for brand new systems to be installed.

E-Commerce Growth

Material handling companies need solutions to handle the increase in online shopping. With more consumers turning to e-commerce stores and expecting fast deliveries, these businesses need distribution center and warehouse solutions that allow them to keep up with this pace. Trailer dollies offer a smart way to ensure better productivity and efficiency.


More and more material handling companies are exploring ways to improve energy efficiency. Forklifts and other equipment that uses fuel are costly to operate, while also using up a lot of energy. Motorized trailer dollies that run on electricity provide a more energy-efficient solution.

If you’re looking for ways to become more productive and efficient, contact DJ Products. Our experts can help you find the right solution, such as investing in a trailer dolly.