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, 5 Common Warehouse Injuries and How to Prevent Them

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For warehouse workers, holiday shopping translates to increased business and longer work days. While the boost in activity means bigger paychecks, the downside is a bigger risk of injury. Our Trailer Dolly is a perfect solution to help prevent these common warehouse injuries.

1. Forklift Mishaps

While forklifts are involved in only about one percent of warehouse accidents, these incidents tend to be more serious, accounting for 11 percent of physical injuries. Overturned forklifts top the list in this category, and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that nearly 70 percent of such accidents could be eliminated with better training.

2. Slips, Trips and Falls

With so many people moving simultaneously across a warehouse floor, it’s no surprise that a number of accidents involve workers losing their footing. Some factors, such as the drop between the loading dock and the ground below, require vigilance and caution. Others, such as spilled materials and obstructed aisles, can be controlled with improved maintenance.

3. Overexertion

Warehouse work frequently involves moving heavy objects. Over time, this puts excessive stress on the musculoskeletal system, especially if workers are using poor form while lifting, pulling and carrying. While these injuries can affect any part of the body, the back is particularly susceptible. Musculoskeletal injuries can also become chronic, leading to long-term problems.

4. Repetitive Stress

Similar in nature to overexertion injuries, repetitive stress injuries result from a specific action performed regularly over a period of time. Some examples are:

* Carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by pressure on a major nerve in the arm

* Tendinitis, an inflammation of the connective tissue between bone and muscle

* Bursitis, which occurs when the lubricating pouch between tendon and bone becomes inflamed

5. Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials contain chemicals or other substances that can cause damage to humans and the environment. Handling of hazardous materials is strictly regulated by OSHA, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other government organizations.

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