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A dual-mode, remote-controlled, self-propelled powered trailer that can easily maneuver machinery and equipment remotely in confined areas and then pulled at high speeds with a vehicle.

  • Intricate maneuvering and high-speed pulling of equipment and machinery
  • Hauls loads up to 5,000 lbs.
  • Manual-, wireless-, or pendant-controlled steering
  • Travels 0-2 mph using steering controls
  • Travels up to 40 mph when being towed
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The BombCaddy was originally designed for safely removing explosive materials from screening areas at airports when detected. The remote option was needed so the operator could navigate the containment unit from a safe distance while traveling in confined areas and hallways of the airport to an outdoor location. Once outside, the operator lowers the high-speed bogie wheels and connects to a riding tug for fast towing to a detonation location.

There are many potential applications in a manufacturing, distribution, and outdoor equipment environment where dual movements are needed from a single trailer.

This unit can be customized to fit the specific needs of your application. Contact our team of Sales Engineers to find the perfect fit for your needs: 800-686-2651

This is one possibility for this custom unit: