Despite Slow Moving Machinery and Large Space, Accidents in Warehouses do Still Occur.

Despite Slow Moving Machinery and Large Space, Accidents in Warehouses do Still Occur.

How safe is your warehouse? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 5.5 injuries for every 100 warehouse workers. Reduce risk to your employees by using tugger carts and taking steps to prevent these common warehouse injuries.

Forklift and Truck Accidents

Forklifts are standard equipment in nearly every warehouse. While they’re essential for moving materials, forklifts are also involved in many warehouse accidents, either from malfunction or operator error.

Warehouses often contract their trucking needs to third-party providers. Those that handle transportation in-house are vulnerable to employee and property damage from truck accidents.

Overexertion Injuries

Musculoskeletal disorders are responsible for nearly one-third of all worker’s compensation costs in the United States. The back and shoulders are the most frequently injured body parts, although other body parts can also be affected by twisting, pushing and other causes of overexertion.

Loading Dock Injuries

Loading docks are some of the busiest and most congested areas of any warehouse. Injuries can occur due to inattentive truck drivers, unstable loads or moving heavy materials.

Workplace Obstructions

Spills or leaks that aren’t cleaned up promptly can cause employees to slip and fall. When empty pallets, misplaced inventory and other debris block warehouse aisles, other falling accidents are likely to happen.

Falling Objects

Warehouses make use of vertical space in order to maximize returns and minimize costs. It’s a valuable concept, but it increases the chances of materials falling and striking workers down below.

Tugger Carts: A Practical Solution to Warehouse Safety from DJ Products

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