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Top Tips for 2023 on Optimizing Your Warehouse Space

, Top Tips for 2023 on Optimizing Your Warehouse Space

Warehousing Tips

As your business grows, more warehouse space may be on your 2023 wish list. Let our staff at DJ Products, makers of the electric Trailer Dolly, help you get the new year off to a great start with these helpful tips on optimizing warehouse space.

3 Tips to Optimize Warehouse Space
1. Re-evaluate current warehouse space.

When warehouse space is at a premium, the automatic reaction is to look for a larger facility. Many times, the answer is right in front of you. Ask yourself if you’re making the best use of the warehouse you currently have. More space, whether it’s adding on to your current facility or moving to a new warehouse, is costly in terms of productivity and the bottom line.

2. Make necessary enhancements to work flow.

Are your work processes tight and efficient, or do they involve a number of unnecessary or redundant steps? Tasks such as packaging can take up a lot of space if they’re not laid out in a logical flow. Solicit input from workers, who know from experience where time and space can be conserved.

3. Maximize use of pallet space.

Standard pallets take up just over 13 square feet, which by itself doesn’t seem like much space. But multiply that by the thousands of pallets stored in the average warehouse and it’s a considerable amount. While you can’t change the size of a pallet, you can use creative techniques to accommodate them.

    • Switch to a just-in-time (JIT) model for packaging supplies and other items that are stored regularly. JIT means products are delivered as you need them, freeing up otherwise stagnant storage space.
    • Bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts and other packaging materials are bulky. Storage often requires a number of pallets that are out of proportion to the amount of materials being stored. Consider switching to inflatable packaging elements that are both compact and eco-friendly.


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