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Tips for Keeping Your Dumpster Enclosure Clean

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Tips for Keeping Your Dumpster Enclosure Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Dumpster Enclosure Clean

The importance of a clean dumpster enclosure goes beyond looks. A messy dumpster area endangers the safety of tenants and employees. Protect against injuries with a dumpster moving product and use these tips to keep the enclosure neat and well-maintained.

Do Your Homework

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to dumpster and recycling set-ups for properties. Factors such as size, number of tenants and community standards all play a part in determining waste disposal needs. Review each property carefully to make sure you have appropriate equipment and procedures.

Enlist the Help of Tenants

It’s easier to maintain a clean trash area when all associates and tenants are involved. Encourage tenants to take pride in the property and use signage and other materials that make it simple for them to dispose of trash properly.

Use Correct Disposal Methods

No property can efficiently dispose of trash with only one type of receptacle. In addition to creating environmental hazards, poor waste disposal usually results in a messy trash area due to spills and congestion. Make sure you have appropriate receptacles for everyday trash along with food waste, recyclables, liquids, grease and other forms.

Use Effective Dumpster Moving Equipment

Full dumpsters can weigh thousands of pounds. If employees are forced to move them manually across different surfaces, it increases the chances of a dumpster tipping over and causing a messy spill. Battery-powered dumpster movers let a single person quickly and safely move the heaviest dumpsters.

Effective Dumpster Moving Solutions from DJ Products

We offer a wide range of electric dumpster moving equipment, such as our popular WasteCaddyLite, that meets the needs of any type of property. Visit our website and let our sales engineers help you find the model that best fits your applications.

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