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Small Aircraft Hangars Become Market Investments

, Small Aircraft Hangars Become Market Investments

Can a Hangar Investment Make You Cash?

Could you need an aircraft caddy sometime in the near future? The subleasing of hangar space is on the rise, and increasingly popular, due to the potential to operate space without the building and management headaches.

Space for Rent
So-called ‘condominium’ hangar space and long-term prepaid hangar leases offer a great return-on-investment. Depreciating (for tax purposes) and resalable, they offer sky-high earnings potential, with areas near airports showcasing a strong demand for space, as these companies attest:

Ribeiro Companies
Ribeiro Companies’ Quail Air Center offers hangar space adjacent to Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. Outfitted offsite, tenants taxi aircraft though security gates to runways. Buy outright, rent or sublease. Alongside available hangar and office space for rent, Quail offers not-for-profit ground-support services. Tenant-only fuel services offer substantial savings: Enough for some frequent-flyers to pay for hangar space. Also in the works: Two-upcoming projects: Henderson Quail Commercial Aviation Center and Henderson Quail Air Center.

Ascend Development
Ascend’s $100-million, prepaid hangar project, 68-miles north of New York City where the cost of living is low, is second to its already operational SanFran Hayward Air Terminal. It will feature luxury accommodations, optional office space, and long-term 40+ year leases. Area airports will provide all fuel and ground services. With scarce land and fewer airports being erected, demand (and value) are expected to rise.

Premier Jet Facility
This McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California spans 15-acres, including 19-hangars offered on a 30-year, prepaid-lease basis. An FBO, it offers special fuel pricing, sub-leasing opportunities, and the potential to operate your business via office space available at the facility.

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