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Safety Tips for Operating Electric Tugs and Dollies

, Safety Tips for Operating Electric Tugs and Dollies

Improve Safety with an Electric Trailer Dolly

Our Trailer Dolly is so efficient and easy to use that workers may start to take it for granted. Keep your workplace accident-free by sharing these safety tips for operating electric tugs and dollies from our Sales Engineers.

    • Before operating an electric mover, conduct an inspection to make sure everything’s in working order. Does anything look off-kilter? Are all parts moving as they should? If anything even seems questionable, always err on the side of caution and report the possible malfunction to a supervisor.
    • Whenever possible, face the direction of travel when operating a mover. If you do need to walk backwards, do an initial check to make sure the path is clear. Look periodically to avoid any sudden obstacles. Installing mirrors can help monitor blind spots.
    • Keep all body parts, especially feet and ankles, clear of the mover. In case of emergency, don’t try to use your body to stop the mover. Engage the safety stop switch.
    • Our Trailer Dolly and other movers are designed to maneuver well around corners and in tight spaces, but use caution when going up or down a ramp or incline.
    • Make sure all aisles are free of pallets, cartons, trash and other obstructions.
    • Create clearly delineated pedestrian walkways to keep foot traffic out of the way of movers. Our movers have optional safety lights and light poles to increase visibility.
    • Keep floors well-maintained. Clean up spills promptly and repair cracks, bumps, holes and other hazards.
    • Ensure all new employees are fully trained in operating electric tugs, pushers and movers. Conduct ongoing refresher sessions to help workers incorporate safety awareness in their everyday activities.
    • Establish a regular maintenance schedule for material handling equipment to keep movers in good shape and catch problems early.


Make Workplace Safety a Priority with the Trailer Dolly

Do you have a goal to reduce workplace injuries? Our battery-powered tugs, movers and pushers do all the heavy lifting, so a single worker can transport loads weighing thousands of pounds with ease. They’re also ergonomically designed to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive-motion injuries.

Contact us at 800.686.2651 for more information about our full line of material handling solutions.