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Celebrate Your Independence Today from Hostlers to Move Your Semi Trailers

, Celebrate Your Independence Today from Hostlers to Move Your Semi Trailers

Celebrate the Benefits of a Trailer Dolly

Waiting for hostlers to move semi trailers around can take up a lot of time. Relying on manual labor to pull or push trailers from one place to another also increases the risk of accidents. Investing in a motorized trailer dolly offers the ideal solution, so you won’t have to depend on hostlers anymore.

What Is an Electric Trailer Dolly?

This type of trailer dolly has a motor that makes it easier to push or pull heavy equipment and vehicles around. These electric trailer dollies can be charged up to provide a full day’s labor. They also provide a more efficient way to move large items from place to place.

Who Should Use Them?

Any business that involves moving oversized vehicles, tons of equipment, or other heavy loads around can benefit from using these trailer dollies. This includes distribution centers, cargo trailer dealerships, RV dealerships, warehouses, and fulfillment centers. These trailer dollies are also ideal for boat dealerships, garages, and production assembly lines.

What Features Do They Have?

Electric trailer dollies from DJ Products have a variable speed handlebar twist grip, This makes it easier to operators to start up these dollies and move trailers around on hazardous surfaces. In fact, they allow smooth maneuvering on icy surfaces and steep inclines. Other features include convenient charging options to ensure that they’re always ready for use. These trailer dollies plug into 120-volt outlets. They also feature automatic safety brakes to help keep operators safe and lower the risk of accidents.

What Benefits Do They Offer?

Motorized trailer dollies offer enhanced safety, better maneuvering, and greater efficiency. Businesses don’t have to use hostlers to get heavy trailers moved to other locations. Instead, they can use these dollies on nearly any type of surface. These trailers can also handle moving around in tighter spaces due to their improved maneuverability.

What Types Are Available?

We have eight trailer dolly models to choose from. These models can be adapted to fit different trailer hitches, including king pin and gooseneck.

If you need help selecting the right motorized dolly for your business, contact DJ Products. Our experts can help you choose the best one to fit your needs.