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Encourage Safety in Your Warehouse with Safety Walkarounds

, Encourage Safety in Your Warehouse with Safety Walkarounds

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Use of our electric industrial tugs demonstrates your commitment to employee welfare. Make workplace safety a permanent part of your company culture by conducting regular walkarounds to promote ongoing safety awareness.

What should you focus on during warehouse walkarounds? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends a three-step process for safety inspections.

Before the Inspection

– Never do a “cold” walkaround. Take time beforehand to completely understand warehouse operations and review any previously identified safety issues.

– Talk to managers and supervisors about any specific concerns they may have.

– Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

During the Inspection

– Limit walkaround participants to a handful of people. Larger groups may intimidate workers and prevent open communication.

– Look for hazards such as blocked aisles and doorways, exposed electrical wiring, and sloppy work areas.

– Solicit employee input as much as possible. Reassure workers that your goal is to spot and solve problems, not point fingers.

– As you go, make a list of identified hazards and prioritize them based on risk level.

After the Inspection

– Lack of follow-through dooms many workplace programs. Employees will be more engaged and cooperative when they see you taking action on findings.

– Create a hazard abatement plan specifying a course of action and timeline for addressing each issue discovered on the walkaround.

– Share the plan with both supervisors and employees and provide progress updates.

– If you don’t already have one, form a warehouse safety committee to help further integrate safety education and awareness in daily workplace operations.

Make Industrial Tugs from DJ Products Part of Your Safety Program

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