Make Sure Staff Knows the Rules for Company Picnics

Make Sure Staff Knows the Rules for Company Picnics

Summer is a time to turn off warehouse equipment for a day and treat employees and their families to a company picnic. Make sure it remains a pleasant event for all by planning ahead to prevent accidents and other possible liabilities.

1. Attendance Should Be Voluntary

If someone’s not interested in participating, forcing them to attend won’t make it any more enjoyable. On a serious note, making attendance mandatory can imply that the event is “in the scope of employment,” thereby increasing liability.

2. Hold the Event Off-Site

Who wants to spend a social occasion surrounded by reminders of work? Host the event off-site and refrain from award presentations, business speeches and other work-related activities.

3. Enforce Company Policies

Attendees should still be expected to act responsibly. Remind everyone tactfully but firmly that harassment and other company policies guiding respectful behavior will be in effect.

4. Set Hard and Fast Rules About Alcohol

If you prefer to hold an alcohol-free event, proceed no further. If there will be alcohol allowed, keep in mind that this is the biggest minefield for potential liability.

– Hosting a cash bar can help limit consumption and remove you from the role of directly supplying alcohol.

– Take a zero-tolerance approach to underage drinking.

– Ensure that plenty of food is served, along with non-alcoholic beverages.

– If you won’t be providing transportation to and from the event, encourage people to have designated drivers and be prepared to arrange transportation for anyone who is intoxicated.

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