Regional distributions centers or main distribution centers for large retail establishments are almost always too large for some tasks to be handled manually.  In a warehouse environment that is in excess of fifty thousand square feet, completely manual material handling is all but impossible because of the distances that products, materials and loads need to travel.

In some cases, battery powered walk behind carts can get the job done, but in instances where heavy carts need to travel the whole length of a large warehouse as quickly as possible a battery powered tug like the RiderCaddy from DJ Products can greatly increase efficiency.  The RiderCaddy battery powered tug quickly and easily hooks up to carts with two front swivel casters and two straight back casters and allows a single employee to get the cart where it needs to be at speeds of up to five miles an hour.

In cases where exceedingly heavy carts need to be transported for great distances, the battery powered tug can also help to reduce the chance of injury.  Employees who are forced to try and strong arm a heavy push cart over great distances could end up either needing additional employees to help complete the task or possibly suffer an injury that would require them to miss work.  The RiderCaddy lets a single employee handle the task, which makes for a safer and more productive work environment.

Large, high volume distribution centers need to be able to get materials shipped out to their satellite locations quickly in order to be able to satisfy customer demands.  Moving heavy loads as quickly and safely as possible over long distance requires the right type of material handling equipment – equipment like the RiderCaddy battery powered tug from DJ Products.