When it comes to efficiency on the loading dock, self-sufficiency goes a long way. Still, many logistics companies and businesses rely on inbound drivers or a shunting service to move trailers. A trailer mover such as the TrailerCaddy from DJ Products eliminates efficiency problems caused dependence upon inbound drivers and trailer moving service providers.

Dramatically improve your dock efficiency. Using a shunting service of an inbound driver may seem like a practical solution for your business, but efficiency on the dock can be significantly reduced due to:

  • The need for a properly accredited worker to show up and move the trailer.
  • Long wait times while drivers are en-route to your location.
  • Higher risk of damage, due to a lack of training or familiarity with your facility.
  • Drivers who don’t follow the same safety and training protocols as your company.

By being properly equipped with a powered trailer mover, your onsite employees can manage the workflow without relying on outside help.

The TrailerCaddy and Warehouse Efficiency

trailer dolly tractor supply trailer

A TrailerCaddy power dolly mover can move anything on wheels, including empty and loaded semi-trailers. Our TC 6k 48v Power Trailer Mover, TC15k 48v Trailer Dolly, and TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor are powerful enough to move anything, from large boats and campers to highway equipment and modular homes, to semi-trailers and shipping containers on chassis.

The smallest Motorized Trailer Puller can move small boats, campers, RVs, utility trailers, and equipment up to 10,000 pounds. Our heavy-duty units feature airbrake release gladhand connections to release brakes on trailers. The TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor—The Electric Yard Dog—has forward-facing operation and precise speed control. Like our other motorized dollies, it does not require special licensing or certification to operate.

All our models move at up to three miles per hour and are highly maneuverable. Each power dolly trailer mover increases accessibility on the trailer lot and the warehouse. They improve efficiency because:

  • A motorized trailer dolly is always available and ready for use.
  • Trailers can be moved down assembly lines to storage lots and on/off showroom floors.
  • Only a single worker is needed to operate a TrailerCaddy.
  • An electric trailer dolly eliminates the need to maintain a diesel truck.
  • Trailers can be easily maneuvered in confined areas.
  • The dolly is compact, so storage and retrieval are simple.
  • It is affordable and safe compared to using a forklift, and no licensing is required.
  • Each unit is battery-powered and rechargeable and always ready for use.

trailer caddy

Our trailer movers can be used to move OTR and generator trailers, window/glass/door carts, and linen/supply carts, as well as buses, trailers, and cars. Cart pullers from DJ Products can be used on assembly lines and manufacturing cells, or to pull heavy dumpsters. With the AircraftCaddy Aircraft Tug, you can even move aircraft to or from the runway or hangar.

For more information on these and other power dolly trailer moving systems, or to ask about our latest TrailerCaddy products, call 800-686-2651 or email DJ Products at info@djproducts.com.