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How to Teach Your Warehouse Staff Proper Lifting Procedures to Prevent Injuries

Proper Lifting Procedures, How to Teach Your Warehouse Staff Proper Lifting Procedures to Prevent Injuries

Improve Warehouse Ergonomics

“Lift with your legs, not your back” is an oft-repeated piece of safety advice for warehouse workers, but that alone isn’t enough. Did you know that, after the common cold, low back pain causes the second-highest number of work absences? Show your staff that you prioritize their health and safety by using a motorized trailer dolly and sharing these useful tips for proper lifting procedures.

Techniques for Safe and Efficient Lifting
  • Prior to lifting, warm up your back and legs with some simple stretching exercises. “Cold” muscles are tight and more likely to tear. Focus on the lower back, hamstrings, and Achilles tendons.
  • Have an idea of the approximate weight of the object and plan how you will perform the lift.
  • Enlist help if necessary. One advantage of a motorized trailer dolly is that it allows a single worker to lift and transport loads weighing thousands of pounds.
  • Receive training before using forklifts, hoists, or other lift aids.
  • Clear the path of any obstructions and make sure surfaces are dry.
  • When performing the actual lift, place your feet far apart with one foot forward and slightly to the side of the object for optimum balance. Be sure to grasp the item firmly with both hands, each one on opposite sides.
  • Pivot your feet to avoid twisting, which places undue strain on muscles and joints.
  • People often have a tendency to hold their breath with physical exertion. Focus on breathing naturally.
  • Keep the object being lifted in the “power zone” by holding it directly in front of you at waist level.
  • Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including glasses, gloves, and shoes or boots.
  • Avoid any moves that could pinch fingers or toes.
  • Aim for smooth and steady movement without jerky, start-and-stop motions.
  • Pushing a heavy load is preferable to pulling it.

Improve Your Safety Record with Our Motorized Trailer Dolly

All of our tugs, movers, and pushers are ergonomically designed to reduce stress that can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. They also operate under battery power, which benefits the safety of our environment as well. Contact us at DJ Products to find the right material handling solution for your application.