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DoD Contractors and the New Cyber Mandate Impacts DoD Contractor Administrations

By January 16, 2019March 10th, 2020No Comments

, DoD Contractors and the New Cyber Mandate Impacts DoD Contractor AdministrationsIf your contract with the Department of Defense (DoD) involves processing or holding information that is considered controlled unclassified information, it’s important to become familiar with the new DoD cyber mandate. In addition to using a GSA listed supplier, you should also keep the following information on this new mandate in mind.

Restrict Access to Authorized Users Only

Only authorized individuals who are able to present the right credentials should be allowed access to sensitive information. This helps reduce the risk of unauthorized access that could compromise this information.

Maintain Security Awareness

Administrators, managers and others who are involved in these contracts must be aware of security risks and track access to protected data. This makes it easier to detect any unusual activity that could be considered a security risk.

Prepare for Audit Reviews and Practice Accountability

Contractors who need to stay compliant with the DoD cyber mandate should be prepared to create and maintain audit records that can be monitored and investigated as needed.

Configure the Information System

Information systems should be configured so that they provide only as much functionality as needed for different users. This helps prevent unauthorized access that allows screen sharing or screen scrapping.

Identify and Authenticate Users

Information system users must be properly identified and authenticated to help keep protected content safe from unauthorized access. Those who need to do this should use a platform that offers authentication in order to remain in compliance with the mandate.

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