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Stuck! Tips for Clearing Your Big Rig Wheels and Getting on the Road Again

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Big rigs tend to run on tight schedules in order to get supplies delivered. Getting stuck in mud or snow can cause big rig drivers to fall behind schedule, which can affect your business. While you can easily move trailers in your warehouse with

, Stuck! Tips for Clearing Your Big Rig Wheels and Getting on the Road Again

Tips for Clearing Your Rig.

semi trailer movers, getting them unstuck out on the road is a different story. Keep these tips in mind for getting stuck big rigs back up and running.

Tire Chains

Using tire chains can help get big rigs out of snow. However, these chains won’t be able to do the same for big rigs that are stuck in mud.

Manual Transmission

Big rigs with manual transmissions can be rocked into becoming unstuck. Getting a big rig to rock in a back and forth motion can help it get out of mud or snow.

Tow Trucks

In situations where you’re unable to get a big rig unstuck, you’ll need to consider using a towing company. Tow trucks can easily get these rigs out of snowy or muddy ground.

Keep Moving

You can lower the risk of having a big rig become stuck in snow or mud by checking the ground and avoiding staying parked in one spot too long. Avoid parking on soft ground that can turn into a mud pit. When it’s snowy out, move the big rig to a different parking spot from time to time. Heat from the tires will prevent snow and ice from accumulating and getting the big rig stuck.

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