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Winter Safety Tips for Warehouse Workers

, Winter Safety Tips for Warehouse Workers

Our Electric Trailer Dolly Operates in Snow

Safety is a year-round priority in warehouses, but injury risks increase during the winter, when snow and cold weather create additional challenges. Our trailer dolly can help you successfully transport materials in any conditions. Here are some other helpful tips to keep your employees safe and injury-free in winter weather.

1. Clear walkways and truck yards.

The simple act of walking becomes treacherous when surfaces are covered with snow and ice. Walkways, truck yards, and any outdoor places where employees travel should be cleared as often as necessary. Salt is commonly used on icy surfaces, but it can damage concrete in the long run. Other options include sand, rubbing alcohol, wood chips, straw, and even kitty litter.

2. Dress appropriately.

Clothing is a first line of defense against cold temperatures. Pay particular attention to protecting vulnerable extremities with hats, gloves, thick socks, and boots. Encourage employees to dress in layers that are easy to adjust as they move from indoors to outdoors and back again.

3. Don’t forget to hydrate.

Drinking water is a no-brainer when the sun’s out, but hydration is equally important in winter. Regular intake of water combats fatigue and keeps the mind alert. Consider providing reusable bottles for your workers so they can always have water on hand.

4. Do regular stretching exercises.

Cold temperatures cause muscles to tighten up, setting the stage for debilitating strains. Instruct your workers in basic stretching techniques that are easy to incorporate during the workday.

5. Keep floors dry.

It doesn’t take long before water from snow and ice outdoors gets tracked indoors. Make sure that warehouse floors are mopped and dried frequently to prevent slips and falls. Any problem areas should be clearly marked and blocked off if needed.

6. Train employees.

Enlist workers to take a proactive approach toward their own safety with training programs focusing on the seasonal dangers of winter.

Our Trailer Dolly Is a Year-Round Safety Solution

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