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5 Ways to Improve Your Distribution Center’s Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability, 5 Ways to Improve Your Distribution Center’s Focus on Sustainability

Improve Sustainability with a Motorized Trailer Dolly

Becoming more sustainable can help your distribution center save money, attract more business, and improve efficiency. Focusing on sustainability also helps ensure that your company stays in compliance with the latest government regulations. From using more eco-friendly equipment, such as a motorized trailer dolly, to doing energy audits, find out how you can make your distribution center more sustainable.

Conduct an Energy Audit

Boosting sustainability involves knowing where to cut back on energy usage. A professional energy audit can reveal what uses the most energy in your distribution center, such as your HVAC equipment or forklifts. This audit can help you determine which changes to make in your business for greater sustainability.

Switch to Sustainable Packaging Materials

The materials used for packaging products can end up causing a considerable amount of waste. Switch to using packaging that’s more sustainable, such as packaging made from recycled materials. Reducing packaging size as much as possible also helps cut down on waste.

Replace Older HVAC Equipment

An older HVAC system doesn’t offer the same energy efficiency as new models. Replace HVAC equipment that’s nearing the end of its lifespan with energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. This change helps promote sustainability, while also lowering your energy bills.

Change to Energy-Efficient Lighting

The kind of lighting in your distribution center can affect how sustainable your company is. Replace traditional bulbs with more energy-efficient bulbs, such as LED lights. For even more efficiency, consider using lighting with motion sensors to help cut down on energy usage. These sensors turn lights on and off as needed throughout the workday.

Invest in Eco-Friendly Equipment

Forklifts and other traditional equipment used in distribution centers typically run on gas or other fossil fuels. They also use a significant amount of energy. Consider making the switch to more eco-friendly equipment, such as a motorized trailer dolly. These trailer dollies run on electricity rather than fossil fuels. This offers a cleaner source of energy and helps reduce energy consumption.

Need help choosing the right motorized trailer dolly to boost sustainability in your company? Contact DJ Products to learn more about our material handling solutions for distribution centers and other businesses.