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The winter season is on its way and before you know it the kids will be listening closely for school closing updates on the radio. The new and used car lot owner will also be anticipating the snow with but with far less enthusiasm. It will mean a time of few customers and that is never good. Auto mechanic shops are not very fond of the winter either, there may be more tow jobs but people just won’t be as ready to take their car in for normal maintenance.

Then there are the preparations that need to be made before the storm hits. Part of this preparation can include a DJ Products car caddy vehicle pusher. With this time of year being a drain on some business, the car pusher can be a way to save some money. Using this versatile piece of equipment can keep vehicles safe from damage and prevent employees from suffering unnecessary injuries.

The car pusher can be used to move all the cars near the road away from the snow that the city is going to be pushing over the curb when they are plowing. You can use the car pusher to arrange the cars in tighter spaces without risking the damage that driving them and backing them into these spots may cause. You can also push more cars into indoor spots like the service area.

Keeping as many cars as possible indoors will prevent plenty of labor later by minimizing then number of cars that will need cleaning off later. That’s another activity that may lead to some damage and also employee injury. A lot employee working outside may slip on ice and snow left from the storm while cleaning vehicles.

Work on the car lot can’t stop due to inclement weather. The lot owner who wants to minimize costs, damage and injuries could certainly benefit from using a piece of equipment like the car pusher during the winter months.