Attention Trash Room Equipment Dealers:

Find the tools and templates to help you sell the WasteCaddy product line:

  • Download brochures, info sheets, and pricing that you can share with customers and prospects.
  • Share links to infographics and video content that help you tell the WasteCaddy story
  • Access WasteCaddy operational videos, User Guides, Bracket install instructions, Parts List and more.

The trash room is the #1 area of risk in a multi-family property. You can HELP YOUR CUSTOMER solve this problem by reducing risk in the trash room with the WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover.

Doing these two things has PROVEN to help dealers sell more WasteCaddy units!

  •  Include a WasteCaddy as an option on all Compactor Quotes that you send out.

  • Have Service Techs show the 40 second WasteCaddy video to customers on calls.

WasteCaddy-DumpsterMoversWasteCaddy Dealer Brochure
Specs, Dimensions, NO Pricing


WasteCaddyAllProductsWasteCaddy All Products
Specs & Pricing


WasteCaddyDumpsterMoverWasteCaddyRider Brochure
Specs, Dimensions & Pricing


WasteCaddy TrashHaulerWasteCaddy Trash Hauler Brochure
Specs, Dimensions & Pricing


SiteSurveyDetermine which WasteCaddy model is best for your property by completing the Site Survey below.
WasteCaddy Site Survey Form (PDF)
WasteCaddy Site Survey (Webform)


WasteCaddy Comparison ChartWasteCaddy Model Comparison Chart


TrashRoomFloorPlansTrash Room Floor Plan
Specs & Dimensions


WasteCaddyDumpsterMoverESIEquipment Identification & Specifications- WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover
Specs & Dimensions


WasteCaddyLiteESIWasteCaddy Lite Equipment Identification & Specifications
Specs & Dimensions


WasteCaddyStandardESIWasteCaddy Standard Equipment Identification & Specifications
Specs & Dimensions


WasteCaddyHDESIWasteCaddy HD Equipment Identification & Specifications
Specs & Dimensions

Share these links with your customers via email.

Video thumbnail for video 91356455Right click here (choose save link as) to download the WasteCaddy video to your desktop, phone or tablet.


Preventing Injuries In the Trash RoomRisk-Expert-video-thumbnail (Video link) Watch a Risk Expert explain how to reduce the risk of injury and workers compensation fraud in the trash room.


Trashroom Safety ThumbnailReducing Risk in the Trash Room(Slide Share Link) A short powerpoint presentation built for Property Managers that shares information about how injuries can impact efficiency, workers comp claims and insurance premiums for multi-family property managers.


WasteCaddy_Solution_icon_smallWhy Customers Choose WasteCaddy(Web link) Our WasteCaddy Solution homepage that provides the lowdown on the three reasons customers choose the WasteCaddy… Safety, Efficiency, and Reducing Risk.



Download these items to help create awareness for WasteCaddy via email:

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WasteCaddy User Guides Full user guides including safety precautions, specs, operational checklist, maintenance, training instructions, and engineering drawings.


WasteCaddyLiteWasteCaddy Lite User Guide


WasteCaddy StandardWasteCaddy Standard User Guide


WasteCaddyHDWasteCaddy HD User Guide



BracketInstructionsWasteCaddy Dumpster Bracket Instructions for installing the receiver bracket on dumpsters


OperatingChecklistWasteCaddy Operational and Training Checklist A training and operation checklist that each user should go thru before operating the WasteCaddy for the first time


PartsListWasteCaddy New Unit Parts List – List of parts for placing NEW UNIT orders The entire list of parts that make up a WasteCaddy including pricing


PartsListWasteCaddy Spare Parts List The entire list of parts that make up a WasteCaddy including pricing


WarrantyWasteCaddy Warranty The manufacturer’s warranty for WasteCaddy including parts and labor coverage

Video #1 – This video link will show you how to easily uncrate your WasteCaddy in just a few quick steps.

Video #2 – This video link will show you basic operation of the WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover.

Video #3 – This video link shows how the brake release works. This lever occasionally gets bumped into the “release” position and results in a loss of power to the WasteCaddy.