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The chances of debilitating push/pull injuries can be minimized through the use of PartsCaddyLite Platform Cart like the one from DJ Products. Our PartsCaddy are easy to operate via ergonomic variable speed twist grips and can easily hauls loads of up to 1000 pounds. The motorized carts platform carts can also travel easily over a wide variety of surfaces, including carpeting, which makes it an ideal addition to hotel or hospital equipment regardless of flooring. Dramatic increases in workload can easily result in injuries that will require valuable employees to miss time from work. Many of these injuries could also result in worker’s compensation claims that will ultimately cost employers a substantial amount of money. In order to minimize the chances for potential injury while keeping up with the increased volume of work, employees need access to equipment that will make their jobs safer and easier. Upgrading from manual carts to PartsCaddyLite can help employees complete all necessary duties during even the busiest times of year without increasing the chances of work related injuries.

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Weight 664 lbs
Dimensions 59 × 46 × 61 in


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