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ToolCaddy Powered Maintenance Tool Cart

With a DJ Products motorized ToolCaddy, maintenance personnel can reduce the risk of injury, and improve efficiency while going about their daily tasks. The ToolCaddy is built to glide through hallways, in and out of elevators, and into apartment and condo units without the strain and pain normally associated with hauling heavy tools or pushing a tool cart manually. The dual-tray cart is built to hold up to 300 pounds of weight, which means maintenance staff can deliver both the partsand the tools in one trip! Tools, parts and accessories are easily transported in this sturdy cart. Battery-powered locomotion reduces back and shoulder strain, and the optional sulky wheeled-platform can reduce steps for hardworking repairmen moving from unit to unit!

  • Maintenance Cart Moves Tools and Equipment in Multi-Family Properties
  • Battery-Powered Convenience (24v 2 Battery System)
  • Will hold up to 300lbs of tools and equipment
  • Reduce Injuries Caused by Carrying Heavy Tools and Parts
  • 0-3 MPH Forward and Reverse
  • Charger Works with standard 120Hz outlet


The trash room is the #1 area for injuries in a multi-family property.



The WasteCaddy can double efficiency in the trash room.



Reduce Workers Comp insurance premiums and lower your E-MOD rating.