Insurance Company Data Shows:

  • The #1 area for injury claims in multi-family properties is the trash room.
  • A single claim will significantly impact the companies
  • Workers Compensation insurance premium
  • 1 In 5 Worker’s Comp Claims Will Result In A Loss Time Injury
  • The Average Cost of a Workers Comp Claim = $41,197
  • 3 Year Increase In Insurance Premiums Average = $123,592

Public Data collected between 2011 and 2015 from a large monoline worker’s compensation
insurance company related to their real estate management customers.

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Insurance Companies Recommend the WasteCaddy as a ‘Best Practice’

The WasteCaddy provides improvement in:
Safety, Efficiency, Cost Control

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“We are very happy with these units. Please thank everyone at DJ Products for the great efforts made to comply with our stringent quality and design requirements.” (CC5WP)

Scott Heffern - Custom Powder Systems

“The WasteCaddy is easy to use and maneuver with a heavy load. The staff loves it! This will prevent work injuries related to moving yard bins around the property.”

Bilal M. - Project Manager - Northern California

“It moves my 13,000 lb. trailer around like it was a little red wagon. I bought your Trailer Caddy for my 5th wheel last spring and I still love it.”

Rick Thiele - Coach Glass

“The AircraftCaddy works great! I am really impressed by the quality and by the service I have received from your company. Having lived 7 years in Rochester, I am very familiar with the Minnesota work ethic so this does not surprise me at all! Thanks again!”

Steve Dalyrimple - Rochester, MN

“We LOVE the CarCaddy. No questions, works great!”

Janet Gill - Gill's Service Center

“It’s been fantastic. The power and being able to move the sized trucks that we push around up a 5-6 percent grade; it’s unbelievable.” (TruckCaddy)

Jeremy - Findlay Chevrolet