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Commercial-Grade Dumpster Mover and Heavy-Duty Waste Container Puller

With a DJ Products WasteCaddy dumpster mover, the work of moving a dumpster or heavy waste container, a task that once required three or four people, can now be completed by one.
Protecting staff from strain and overexertion while lowering the labor to move heavy trash containers lowers your risk of work comp injuries and increases efficiency.

The WasteCaddy dumpster mover has been engineered to assist an employee transferring a dumpster from an underground parking lot to the street level, to transport a heavy waste bin from a compactor room to a trash pick-up site, or to move a dumpster on an incline through snow, slush, or ice to a pick-up location.

Safety is paramount where workers need to transport heavy bins and dumpsters, but even more so if there is an incline involved. Employees that must manually push a heavy dumpster or recycling container up an incline to the street may become injured due to overexertion, strains, or a slip and fall. When you invest in a DJ Products battery powered dumpster mover, you invest in improved safety, lower risk for staff, and double the efficiency in the trash room.

Our WasteCaddys have a powerful 36-volt motor that can pull, push, and maneuver dumpsters from 500 pounds to 10,000 pounds. To choose the model that is the best fit for your needs, please click the “Compare Products” button below our model choices.



The trash room is the #1 area for injuries in a multi-family property.



The WasteCaddy can double efficiency in the trash room.



Reduce Workers Comp insurance premiums and lower your E-MOD rating.