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Tips to Keep Warehouse Workers Warm in a Cold Warehouse this Winter

, Tips to Keep Warehouse Workers Warm in a Cold Warehouse this Winter

winter warehouse tips

Frigid temperatures can create an uncomfortable or even hazardous work environment for warehouse employees. Whether staff members are using a forklift or a motorized trailer dolly to move heavy loads around, it’s important to help them stay warm. The following tips can help ensure that your workers can handle the cold, while staying safe and productive.

Provide Education

Educating staff members on working in a cold warehouse to help reduce the risk of cold stress. If your warehouse doors frequently open and close, this is even more important, since more cold air flows in. Workers should know how to recognize signs of hypothermia, frostbite, and similar signs of cold stress. They should also know how to dress warmly and how long to work in cold conditions.

Encourage the Right Snacks and Beverages

Workers should avoid drinking hot coffee to stay warm, since this kind of beverage can dehydrate them. Instead, staff members should drink water or other fluids, such as sports drinks that provide electrolytes. Employees should also eat snacks that offer high amounts of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs.

Offer a Space for Warming Up

Workers need some kind of environment that allows them to escape the cold. Set up a heated break room or office where staff can go when they need to warm up. Another option is to set up space heaters in safe areas, so workers can warm up without leaving the warehouse floor.

Invest in Winter Wear

Consider providing workers with gloves, hats, and other winter wear to protect against the cold. This can help ensure that your staff are safe from freezing temperatures while doing their job. Instead of providing these, you can encourage staff to wear their own items at work.

Warm Up the Warehouse

Take steps to keep drafts and cold air out of your warehouse, so it stays warmer. Seal up gaps, improve airflow, and schedule a tuneup for the heating system. These steps can help keep your warehouse’s interior temperature warmer all winter long.

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