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Why Businesses Should Consider an Electric Trailer Moving Solution vs. a Shunt Truck

By April 5, 2021March 8th, 2022No Comments

, Why Businesses Should Consider an Electric Trailer Moving Solution vs. a Shunt TruckCompanies are constantly looking to find better ways to operate – improving efficiency, increasing employee safety and increasing the bottom line to name a few. Common pain points and questions that plague employees and leaders include:

  • What is the best way to cut costs?
  • Should we automate our operations?
  • Which solutions should we invest in to improve our efficiency & safety?

For businesses that move loaded or empty trailers, RVs, or large equipment on a daily basis, an electric TrailerCaddy may be the solution to all of the above. Below are three factors to consider when deciding whether to switch from a shunting truck or service to electric trailer moving solutions.

The Perks of Going Green

All electric TrailerCaddy trailer mover models (and all of DJ Products Inc.’s other equipment moving solutions) are eco-friendly and zero-emission. Organizations looking for cleaner & greener ways to operate should consider electric equipment moving solutions. Many states, such as California offer clean energy reimbursement programs for businesses that take advantage of “going green.”  If you’re trying to lessen your business’s carbon footprint, the TrailerCaddy is a great alternative to a gas-powered solution.

A Cost-Saving Solution

The TrailerCaddy is a fraction of the cost of a brand-new shunt truck. Many of our customers have reported shunting service costs ranging from $50-$500 per day. Plus, businesses are left at the mercy of the shunting service’s schedule. Many of our customers who purchase a TrailerCaddy see the return on investment within six to nine months. The TrailerCaddy, is ready to be used by employees at a moment’s notice to keep docks and lots clutter-free and operating smoothly.

An Electric Alternative
, Why Businesses Should Consider an Electric Trailer Moving Solution vs. a Shunt Truck

Many businesses are considering alternatives to shunt trucks for a few reasons. As mentioned above, it’s an expensive investment with a considerable carbon footprint. Shunt trucks typically must be operated by employees with CDLs. Businesses must obtain insurance for any trucks they own; an additional cost to consider. The TrailerCaddy can be operated by any trained employee; no CDL or health card required.

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether moving away from a yard dog or shunting service to an electric trailer moving solution. We have over 15,000 TrailerCaddy units in the field worldwide.

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