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Video: Warehouses Keep Employees Injury-Free with the CarpetCaddy

The CarpetCaddy allows one person to easily maneuver a carpet roll, mat or rug up to 1,000 lbs. It’s perfect for warehouses or stores maneuvering these items to jobsites or homes and improves on-the-job efficiency. This tool allows one person to make easy work of what normally would take two to three employees manually carrying the load.

A Safer Solution

The electric CarpetCaddy keeps your employee safe from injury. No more manually loading or transporting heavy rolled mats, rugs and carpet long distances, which can lead to painful back and shoulder strains.

How to Operate
  1. To load the CarpetCaddy, simply tilt the unit forward bringing the conveyor lip to the edge of the rolled carpet or rug.
  2. Slowly drive the CarpetCaddy forward while operating the conveyor backward.
  3. The rolled carpet or rug is ready to be transported.

The CarpetCaddy Powered Carpet Dolly works well on a variety of terrain: indoors, outdoors – even over snow and ice. Contact us if you would like a quote, or reach us by phone: 800-686-2651 or email: