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Warehouse Fall Prevention and Safety for the New Year

By December 27, 2022No Comments
, Warehouse Fall Prevention and Safety for the New Year

Fall Prevention Tips

Did you include a goal to reduce warehouse accidents in your 2023 business plan? Our eco-friendly trailer dolly is a valuable tool to improve workplace safety. Here are some additional expert tips to protect against falls, one of the most frequent types of accidents occurring in warehouses.

Types of Falls

Knowing the three basic types of falls helps you focus on specific areas of improvement.

      • Same-level falls, also known as same-surface falls, take place on flat ground, such as the workplace floor.
      • Elevated falls refer to falls from one level to another, such as from a ladder or loading dock.
      • Swing falls involve the use of a Personal Fall Arrest System, or PFAS. If the PFAS is not fastened securely, the person using it may lose their balance and swing freely, striking a nearby object.


Tips to Prevent Falls
      • Education raises awareness. Institute a comprehensive training program on risk reduction, including proper use of equipment. Make it easy for employees to report potentially hazardous areas or behavior.
      • Invest in a PFAS that meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. In addition, install passive fall protection systems in high-risk areas. Examples include hand rails, netting and safety gates.
      • Make maintenance a priority for everyone. Keep aisles free of obstructions and clean up spills promptly.
      • Check the warehouse floor from one end to the other. Make any necessary repairs, such as filling in holes or refinishing uneven spots.
      • Create and enforce a dress code that includes hard hats, safety shoes or boots and other items designed to minimize risk of injury.
      • Examine work practices to ensure they allow for enough time to complete a task. Assign more complicated jobs to experienced employees who are already familiar with safety protocols.
      • Remove excess vegetation that may be obstructing views around building entrances, loading docks and other high-traffic areas.


Improve Safety and Productivity with the Trailer Dolly from DJ Products

Loading docks are a primary risk area. Our trailer dolly lets a single employee move up to 15,000 pounds safely and efficiently. Call 800.686.2651 to learn more about our full line of electric material handling solutions.