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Move Trailers Easily With Precision and Control Utilizing the Electric Trailer Dolly

Our trailer dollies aren't limited to warehouse and distribution center applications., Move Trailers Easily With Precision and Control Utilizing the Electric Trailer Dolly

Trailer Caddy Terminal Tractor

Semi-trailers keep businesses moving by transporting goods, but who moves the trailers? Thanks to the electric trailer dolly from DJ Products, a single employee can easily shuttle these heavy vehicles from one spot to another for maximum productivity.

Today’s Solution for Moving Heavy-Duty Loads

The efficiency of distribution centers and warehouses depends on how quickly they can get semi-trailers loaded and unloaded. Every minute spent moving a trailer back and forth from the lot to the loading docks takes precious time away from the major job at hand.

If you use a shunting service, you already know how much those charges eat up your budget. Even if you own your own shunt truck, fuel and maintenance costs add up, and gas-powered vehicles significantly increase your carbon footprint.

With our series of trailer dollies, one person can move trailers weighing up to 100,000 pounds. No special licensing is required, and employees can get up to speed on operating the trailer dolly with a minimum of training. All our dollies run on battery power, so they’re eco-friendly and need little maintenance.

Trailer Dollies for Any Application

Our trailer dollies aren’t limited to warehouse and distribution center applications. Do you own a boat or RV dealership? Maybe you have a garage where mechanics work on large vehicles, or a production line that involves moving vehicles along the line and onto lots.

If you have a large vehicle that needs to be moved, DJ Products has an electric dolly that’s up to the job.

    • The TrailerCaddyHD Chain Drive, with its ability to move king pin, pintle and covered equipment trailers, is well-suited for use at RV and camper dealerships along with military bases.


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DJ Products specializes in material handling solutions for a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and hospitality to transporation and military/DoD.

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