Considerations for Safety and Ergonomics with Using Flexible Conveyors in Your Warehouse

Considerations for Safety and Ergonomics with Using Flexible Conveyors in Your Warehouse

Flexible conveyors are valuable pieces of warehouse equipment that reduce the amount of manual handling required during day-to-day operations. The conveyors are often used in areas such as the gap between a truck and a dock where a permanent system isn’t practical.

Make sure you get the full benefits of flexible conveyors by implementing these safety tips.

Enforce Use of the Flexible Conveyor

While flexible conveyors make their jobs easier, employees may still resist using them. Some people won’t see the value of flexible conveyors, and others simply object to change of any kind. Use of the conveyors shouldn’t be an optional part of the job.

Establish a Training Program

Flexible conveyors aren’t complicated, but there are specific procedures that allow maximum productivity and safety. Institute employee training covering issues such as total weight capacity and locking and unlocking casters. This is also a good way to educate workers on the advantages of conveyors.

Perform Regular Maintenance

As with all warehouse equipment, flexible conveyors need regular maintenance to ensure top performance. At a minimum, follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

Follow Basic Safety Rules

– Make sure clothes, jewelry and hair are kept clear of the conveyor at all times.

– Once the conveyor is positioned for use, lock the casters down.

– Take care to keep fingers and hands out of rollers, skatewheels and side links.

– When transitioning from dock to trailer, use of a dock plate should be mandatory. Be sure to pull the conveyor onto the plate from the front.

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