September Warehouse Cleaning Tips

September Warehouse Cleaning Tips

Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates that there were close to three million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported in 2016. Using quality warehouse equipment such as our electric industrial tugs is one way to reduce such incidents. Maintaining a clean workplace is another.

With the busy holiday season approaching, September is a great time to improve the cleanliness of your warehouse. Use this checklist to make good housekeeping habits part of the company culture.

Create a Schedule

It’s easier and more efficient to clean on a regular basis than it is to let dirt, debris and trash build up until clean-up is a difficult, time-consuming job. Create a schedule and assign responsibilities, either by warehouse area or specific duties.

Empty Trash Bins

Full trash bins force employees to find other means of disposal, which can result in littered aisles and workspaces. Make sure bins are emptied before they reach the point of overflow.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Easily Accessible

If cleaning supplies aren’t readily available, workers will be more likely to put off cleaning until it’s “convenient.” Keep appropriate supplies on hand in several locations around the warehouse.

Avoid Aged Inventory

Out-of-date stock that sits in one place for a long time is a magnet for dust. Keep accurate records and make plans to dispose of aged inventory, such as donating to charity or selling at a reduced cost.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Operating a “green” warehouse contributes to workplace cleanliness, saves money and demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility.

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