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Trucking ELD Mandate – Myths Debunked

By August 24, 2018 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Questions About the New ELD Trucking Mandate? We Can Help.

Questions About the New ELD Trucking Mandate? We Can Help.

There are many technology unknowns within the trucking industry. According to an informative article, the newest time-logging solutions known as ELDs(or electronic logging devices) have been under intense scrutiny and myths have emerged as a result.

Why veer away from the more traditional method of paper logging? Does new technology cause irreparable harm? What is a myth and what is real?

Factual Foresight

The facts acknowledge that ELDs solve complexities in logging, count driving times to the minute, and allow dedicated drivers to devote their time and energy to their deliveries. Similarly, DJ Products yard trucks use the newest advancements to take on the complex role of heavy-duty organization.

Progress continues to improve and eradicate the idiosyncrasies that cause costly mistakes. Likewise, yard trucks and ELDs bring an added sense of control and consistency to an industry fraught with the unexpected.

Are there areas in your business that need quality machinery to improve the work environment? The trucking industry is realizing that lower labor and logistics can go hand-in-hand. The right tools take the pressure off dedicated employees and allow them to manage their time wisely.

Well-designed, high-quality technology is the only solution to an industry that is racing to be current and applicable. The world is rife with the unexpected. Yard trucks are high-tech and the reliable constant in a constantly moving industry.

Fast-Forward to Success

It’s the age-old battle of familiarity versus progress. Don’t be left behind! Technology drives demand and demand drives technology. It’s important to safeguard the dedicated workers you have from extra labor and potential injuries on the job.

DJ Products can be the go-between solution for labor-intensive tasks that add unneeded strain on warehouse workers and drivers. Visit us today and discover high-tech problem-solvers!

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