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Reduce the Impact of Truck Driver Shortages with a Motorized Trailer Dolly

electric trailer dolly, Reduce the Impact of Truck Driver Shortages with a Motorized Trailer Dolly

Benefit of a Motorized Trailer Dolly

Truck driver shortages, already a serious issue, have become even more critical in the post-pandemic world. Mitigate the challenges of a limited labor force by operating a trailer yard anchored by the use of our electric trailer dolly.

How Does a Trailer Yard Work?

In the past, delivery and unloading were often two parts of a single process. Trucks would pull up directly to a dock for loading or unloading. While this may sound logical in theory, the process included many inefficiencies, such as creating congestion. that interfered with timely completion of a job.

Several of the disadvantages of the traditional process are eliminated with use of a trailer yard. Delivery and unloading are handled as two separate tasks for streamlined operations.

1. When a truck arrives for delivery, instead of pulling up to a loading dock, the driver parks the trailer in the yard’s holding area.

2. A single worker employs a yard dog to move the trailer to the appropriate dock for loading or unloading.

3. Once the work is completed, the trailer is staged back in the holding area.

4. Instead of waiting for the loading or unloading to be done, the driver can pick up another trailer and be on their way.

Benefits of an Electric Trailer Dolly
    • Since the truck driver never enters the loading and unloading area, there’s less risk of safety concerns and accidents.
    • The cumbersome and time-consuming process of directing a driver into the proper orientation to the docks is eliminated.
    • As the world has become more aware of the spread of infectious diseases, use of an electric trailer dolly reduces the number of “outside” personnel on the premises.
    • The trailer dolly also cuts down on the possibility of sensitive or proprietary information being exposed to outsiders.
    • Our electric trailer dolly is battery-powered, creating a more sustainable workplace with much lower levels of CO2 emissions.


Put Our Trailer Dolly to Work for You

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