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Move More with Less with an Electric Tug on Your Side

Benefits of Electric Tugs, Move More with Less with an Electric Tug on Your Side

Improve Safety and Efficiency

Having employees manually pull or push heavy loads or carts around can take a toll on their physical well-being and raise the risk of injuries. Manual labor also takes a longer time overall, since employees need to move carefully to avoid accidents. When you want to improve safety and efficiency in your facility, and there are many benefits to electric tugs.

How an Electric Tug Works

An electric tug runs on a motor rather than requiring manual operation. Some tugs also have hydraulic lift systems that can pick up loads for carrying. Being motorized allows employees to maneuver the tug and direct it from place to place without the use of physical labor. These tugs run on battery power, which can be recharged as often as needed. Many have a charge that lasts for a full workday.

Benefits of Electric Tugs

Using an electric tug provides several benefits for companies, including better safety and greater efficiency. These tugs prevent workers from having to manually pull and push heavy loads and equipment around. Instead, they can use the tug to move large pieces of equipment, heavy loads, and wheeled vehicles around. This helps reduce the risk of injuries and accidents in your workplace. The amount of force needed to move equipment or loads around is considerably less with an electric tug.

An electric tug can also help employees get work done more efficiently. These tugs can push or pull heavy loads and equipment around more quickly than manual labor. This allows employees to accomplish more during the workday instead of spending a significant amount of time moving one load or piece of equipment.

Electric Tug Solutions from DJ Products

DJ Products offers electric tug solutions for multiple industries. These tugs have a variety of wheel load, cart, and attachment configurations available, making them versatile. Our CartCaddyHD Chain Drive Electric Tug can move up to 50k pounds of equipment and lift up to 6k pounds. We also have the CartCaddy WagonWheel Shorty Tug that can pull up to 3k pounds.

If you’re interested in purchasing electric tugs, contact DJ Products. Our customer service team can help you find the right solutions for your business.