Flooded Car Lots

Flooded Car Lots

When mother nature slams an area with flooding, auto dealerships and consumers face a flood of heavily damaged vehicles. After extended rains that drenched Central Texas and much of the country this summer, it’s time to be on the lookout for flood-damaged vehicles that have been cleaned up and entered into the used car market. 

The Texas floods have recently left countless cars and trucks submerged in several feet of water. In some cases mechanics can quickly spot signs of the damage. But in many cases, the vehicles have been cleaned up, transferred to family members in other areas, and passed off as good-condition. 

The damaged vehicles may appear normal and drive soundly at first, but the flooding may have ruined the engine and electrical wiring. Sooner or later, these vehicles will suddenly become un-driveable if not properly restored. 

Handling Flooded Cars at Dealerships

Once on the car lot, any car/truck/trailer with possible flood damage needs to be thoroughly inspected and, if possible, repaired. 

As Tampa-area news coverage recently reported, a Carfax report can help make dealerships and buyers aware of damage. Of course, accident and insurance reports will not include unreported damage. This heightens the need for moving used cars around lots — pushing the car/truck/trailer to the service department, or moving the vehicle to salvage.

If your car dealership faces a sudden increase in used vehicle inventory after storm damage, a motorized car/truck/trailer pusher can help. This compact and easy-to-use equipment offers a safe and fast alternative to manual pushing, even in tight spaces.

More info on motorized vehicle movers can be found at DJ Products.