In this economy, where it’s been exceedingly tough to generate more income due to the fact that fewer individuals and businesses are spending quite as freely as they were once capable,  reducing overhead has been the easiest way for warehousing and logistics companies to maintain profitability.  Usually the two largest areas of expense lay in employees and in rent, and since it’s impossible to run a material handling business without employees, many companies are doing what they can to reduce the amount of money they spend per month on rent.

The biggest problem with shrinking your operating space is the risk of not being able to fully serve your customers – the only way reducing overhead works to maintain profitability is if it doesn’t cause the loss of some of your sales.  This means that a warehousing or distribution company needs to carry as much inventory and maintain the very same fluidity of operation, but they need to do so in a smaller space.

Though this may not sound very realistic, with the right employees and the right equipment it is very possible.  Lifts and carts from DJ Products are consistently reliable and easy to maneuver in even the tightest of spaces.  These quiet and ergonomic carts are among the safest in the business for warehousing employees to operate and they allow just one user to move a multitude of smaller items or a few heavy items without enlisting anyone’s help.

A few well trained employees who have access to the best material handling equipment can perform a task much more efficiently than a full crew trying to operate outdated equipment that could be prone to failure.  When an incoming shipment can be received and appropriately stationed to go into stock or to go out for an order, then either put away or shipped more quickly and efficiently – a warehouse is able to successfully operate in a potentially much smaller environment.