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Improve Your Warehouse Picking Productivity

By August 3, 2018 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Improve Your Warehouse Picking Productivity

Tips to Improve Picking Efficiency

As sales from online retailing continue to grow, optimizing warehouse productivity has become more crucial than ever. Our electric tugger carts let you allocate manpower more efficiently. What methods can you use to help order pickers boost their productivity?

Here are expert tips to streamline operations and maximize efforts of your order pickers.

Use a Team Approach

Your employees are on the front line. They know better than anyone what works and what needs to improve. Create a team that includes yourself along with the appropriate supervisors and one or two order pickers to review operations and discuss solutions.

Establish and Track Goals

Your employees can’t fulfill expectations if they don’t know what those expectations are. Set goals that are realistically ambitious and keep employees informed of their progress. Workers will also be able to see how their accomplishments contribute to the company’s success.

Remove Roadblocks

When confronted with obstacles, frustrated employees often develop workarounds that add time and effort. If you and your team uncover constraints to the order picking process, make it a priority to eliminate them.

Consolidate Fast-Moving Items

Do you have a system for slotting your fast-moving products? Setting up a “hot zone” for these products requires no financial investment and the layout can be adjusted as item velocities change, such as during the holiday season.

Implement Batch Picking

Discrete order picking can result in a lot of unnecessary walking. Analyze your orders to determine if they can be batched to reduce the number of passes a picker has to make.

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