Fleet Managers Improve Terminal Efficiency

Fleet Managers Improve Terminal Efficiency

Cutting corners in business can improve your profits, but it can also carry a risk of lower quality or even a dangerous workplace. That’s certainly the case at warehouses. How do you improve the semi trailer moving process for better terminal efficiency without putting your workers in a high-stress, injury-prone environment?

Supply chain experts say that driver safety and productivity are right up there with cost-reduction measures for the top challenges in fleet management. Fleet managers need real-time solutions to address situations on the ground.

At DJ Products, we can help improve both safety and efficiency. Our TrailerCaddy shunt yard truck is your low-cost, high-reward solution for semi trailer moving at warehouse terminals.

About the TrailerCaddy Electric Yard Dog

The TrailerCaddy is a compact, heavy-duty dolly that can tow semi trailers and tank trailers up to 100,000 pounds. Running on a 48-volt battery, it lasts the workday and recharges from a normal electrical outlet.

You don’t even need CDL operators, because the TrailerCaddy makes semi trailer moving easy enough for anybody. Just walk alongside and steer it at a comfortable pace, up to 3 mph.

Fleet managers can address the biggest items on their wishlist with the TrailerCaddy:

– Prevent warehouse injuries

– Reduce driver downtime

– Avoid damage to docks and trailers

– Save money (costs much less than a shunt truck)

Does your terminal get slowed down while waiting for a shunt truck? What if any worker could take care of semi trailer moving on the spot, with no waiting?

DJ Products offers a free demo program to help you decide if the TrailerCaddy, our car and truck pushers, or other equipment solutions are right for your team.

Improve terminal efficiency with a safe, user-friendly TrailerCaddy from DJ Products. Contact us today!