Tips on Semi Truck Driver Retention

Tips on Semi Truck Driver Retention

Respect is its own currency. Truck drivers often jump ship for better pay elsewhere, but high turnover rates may have just as much to do with whether your drivers feel appreciated. One way to start? Respect their time by providing useful equipment like easy-to-use terminal tractors in the shunt yard and dashboard navigation systems for the cab.

Some great tips for truck driver retention from the blog The Road:

– Offer mentorships for closer relationships and career development

– Provide state-of-the-art equipment

– Be proactive about communication

– Listen and engage your drivers

– Offer exercise and nutrition programs

Trucking Can Be Lonely Work

It’s no surprise that drivers can easily feel isolated. Employers should take initiatives to prevent drivers from feeling forgotten. Even the most independent-minded driver needs an adequate amount of interaction with colleagues. Don’t assume drivers will come to you with concerns or complaints before they quit.

Keep Drivers Happy with Better Equipment

Imagine being a driver with an insulated cab, comfortable seats, and even a DVR to watch your favorite shows on breaks. You’re going to be a lot more loyal to your employer than if you were driving an old truck that constantly breaks down.

You can also use equipment to respect drivers’ time at their terminals. Speed things up at the warehouse, and they can make more money with less unnecessary downtime. That’s what our TrailerCaddy terminal tractors can do!

Electric terminal tractors can be operated without a CDL license, so many of your employees can move trailers wherever they need to be. The TrailerCaddy protects workers from injury and improves efficiency—for both you and your drivers.

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