Did You Make the Deadline?

Did You Make the Deadline?

The end of the year can bring a whirlwind of last-minute tasks and tying up loose ends. Defense contractors also faced a deadline of December 31, 2017 to comply with new NIST requirements for securing data. As your DoD equipment supplier, we want to make sure you’re kept abreast of major defense contractor news.

What Is the NIST 7012 Rule?

The DoD updated the security requirements for defense-related information on or passing through your computer or network. This was covered in the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement clause 252.204-7012. Unclassified information must now meet higher security standards than in the past.

The -7012 clause covers such unclassified info labeled as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Such information may have been supplied as part of the contract paperwork, or transmitted during fulfillment of the contract.

Notably, the -7012 security standards apply to subcontractors as well as prime contractors.

The revised rules also call for “Cyber Incident Reporting” for any cyber threats, data breaches, identified weaknesses, etc. All contractors must report cyber incidents to the DoD, and inform their higher-up contractors.

What if I Missed the NIST Security Deadline?

If your firm does not comply with -7012 as of now, you are prevented from securing new defense contracts. Any ongoing contracts are potentially affected as well, with negative evaluations or cancellations being possible.

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