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Featuring the Rolloff Caddy Container Mover

By February 1, 2022March 8th, 2022No Comments
Rolloff Caddy, Featuring the Rolloff Caddy Container Mover

RollOff Caddy Moves Compactors

While the term “rolloff” may imply that something is easy to move, when applied to compactors or containers, it doesn’t quite work out that way. Save time, improve productivity and protect employees with rolloff moving equipment from DJ Products.

Dangers of the Trash Room

Believe it or not, the trash room is one of the more dangerous spots in any business or multi-family property. When attempting to move a dumpster, employees can suffer cuts, contusions, and muscle and joint strain due to the heavy weight and sharp edges.

While cuts and contusions usually heal, muscle and joint strain can linger, resulting in chronic health problems. This ends up costing your company in manpower shortage and workers compensation claims.

Improve Operations With Rolloff Moving Equipment from DJ Products

Our RollOffCaddy Container Mover simplifies the task of moving compactors and containers while reducing the risk of imjury. This easy-to-use mover lets a single employee lift up to 20K pounds and move up to 50K pounds.

Another problem with bulky compacters and containers is that they can be awkward to navigate. The RollOffCaddy Container Mover manuevers smoothly around tight corners and through narrow hallways. If you have to move a container outdoors, the drive tires provide excellent traction across snow and ice or up and down inclines.

Top Features of the RollOffCaddy Container Mover

• 6K and 15K lift units come in 36-volt, 3-battery system or 48-volt, 4-battery system; 23K lift unit comes in 48-volt, 4-battery system.

• Ergonomic design, such as variable speed twist grip, helps eliminate risk of repetitive motion injuries.

• Safety features include a stop switch and horn. The 23K lift unit also comes with a flashing strobe light.

• Other standard features include an onboard charger, battery discharge indicator, neutral throttle braking and high-tech speed controller.

We have a number of additional options so you can customize your RollOffCaddy Container Mover to fit your specific requirements.

Learn More About Our Rolloff Moving Equipment

Find out more about this product and the DJ Products trailer dolly line. We have wheeled cart moving solutions for trailers, cargo trailers, RV’s, semi-trailers, and boat trailers.

DJ Products has a full range of movers, pushers and tugs to meet any material handling needs. Contact us today at 800.686.2651 or use our handy online chat feature to learn more from our helpful Sales Engineers.