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Featuring the Railcar Mover for Heavy Rail Cars

By February 15, 2022March 8th, 2022No Comments
Railcar Caddy, Featuring the Railcar Mover for Heavy Rail Cars

Our RailCarCaddy is about one-tenth the cost.

Does your railcar mover seem like it comes with more problems than it solves? The RailCarCaddy from DJ Products is an eco-friendly, heavy-duty mover that outperforms more expensive, high-maintenance units.

Diesel Power Is Not the Answer

Traditionally, rail workers have relied on conventional diesel-powered railcar movers. While they may get the job done, these movers have some serious drawbacks.

*Due to their large, bulky size, diesel-powered movers usually require a dedicated storage space.

*Use of diesel fuel makes for an increased carbon footprint. Diesel-powered movers contribute to both air and noise pollution.

*Between the initial cost and ongoing fuel charges, diesel-powered movers are a sizable investment. In addition, with parts such as gasoline engines and fuel tanks, annual maintenance can eat up a big chunk of your budget.

Why Choose the RailCarCaddy?

Our RailCarCaddy is about one-tenth the cost of a new diesel-powered mover, which results in significant savings right up front. Thanks to its electric motor, there’s no need to worry about fuel sources. All you need to recharge is a standard 120/220 AC outlet.

Another advantage of battery power is that these movers are much quieter. There are also no annoying engine-induced vibrations. You’ll be amazed at how smoothly the RailCarCaddy operates.

The smaller, more compact size makes it easy to store the RailCarCaddy, but don’t be deceived by its looks. Designed specifically to move railcars, the caddy can push or pull railcars weighing up to 250K pounds. Amazingly, any employee can operate our railcar mover with minimal training.

Other features of the RailCarCaddy:

* Front hydraulic lift transfers railcar weight to the mover for superior traction.

*Front coupler can be modified to fit any railcars.

*The 48-volt, 4-battery system provides a long run time between charges.

*Mover can be used indoors and outdoors.

DJ Products: Your #1 Choice for Railcar Movers

Find out more about this product and the DJ Products trailer dolly line. We have wheeled cart moving solutions for trailers, cargo trailers, RV’s, semi-trailers, and boat trailers.

Learn more about what makes the RailCarCaddy and our other material handling solutions so cost-effective and efficient. Our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Engineers are standing by to answer all your questions. Call us at 800.686.2651 or contact us via the convenient online chat feature to get started.