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Prevent Staff Injuries with the Powered Housekeeping Cart

Our self-propelled electric housekeeping cart carries up to 700 pounds., Prevent Staff Injuries with the Powered Housekeeping CartConsider the strain your housekeeping staff is under, day in and day out, pushing heavy supply carts from room to room. Is it any wonder that back injuries cost businesses more than $12 million in lost work days?

Help lighten the load and cut down on workplace injuries with the Powered Housekeeping Cart from DJ Products. This practical solution is available as a new cart or a kit that can be added to an existing one.

Improve Productivity with the Powered Housekeeping Cart

In the hospitality business, the housekeeping staff has to meet tight turnaround schedules while maintaining a high level of quality. If a room isn’t ready on time or its cleanliness isn’t up to par, you’ll end up with unhappy visitors who may be less likely to return.

Our self-propelled electric housekeeping cart carries up to 700 pounds, eliminating the need for employees to manually push heavy loads. Thanks to the non-marking rubber wheels, the cart travels equally well across carpeting and bare floors.

So you’ve already invested in brand-new housekeeping carts? Our retrofit kits can quickly and easily transform carts from any manufacturer.

Features and Benefits
    • Carts operate on two 12-volt batteries that can be charged on any standard 120/220 Hz outlets. A single charge with the automatic battery charger will last approximately an entire shift and the batteries are maintenance-free, which is easier on the budget.


    • Controls are held on a conveniently-placed box for easy operation by hand. The high-tech speed controller allows the cart to run up to 3 MPH in forward or reverse. Toggle between directions with the push of a button.


    • Safety features include a key switch lock-out and automatic power brake.


    • The battery discharge and trouble diagnostics gauge alerts you to any potential problems so they can be solved immediately.


    • Since not all businesses are the same, the Powered Housekeeping Cart can be customized to fit any applications.


    • Retrofit kits can be installed onsite to eliminate downtime.


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