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Motorized Trailer Puller - Trailer Puller/Tugger

TrailerCaddy – Motorized Trailer Puller

Motorized Trailer Puller

Motorized Trailer Puller

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  • Pulls Trailers Up to 10,000 lbs
  • Works with Ball/Pintle Hitches
  • 0-3 MPH Forward/Backwards
  • Works on Snow, Ice, Grass, Mud
  • 36 volt 3 Battery System
  • Charger works with 120/220 AC Outlets

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Motorized Trailer Puller Applications


The TrailerCaddy motorized trailer puller can easily maneuver boat trailers, untily trailers, campers and toy haulers in and out of a garage, a storage warehouse, marine showroom floor, or a boat and rv show. The TrailerCaddy trailer pusher assists in delivering heavy trailers to more wide open areas in and around a storage warehouse for repairs or rearranging.

The trailer pusher’s compact size, maneuverability, and variable speed make maneuvering trailers in confined areas easy. The trailer puller is a more affordable alternative when compared to a fork truck or a possibly injury resulting from operators manually moving boats or trailers.

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Motorized Trailer Puller Features and Specifications


Trailer Puller – Motorized Trailer Puller

•Heavy Duty Steel Frame
•2000 lb. Differential / Transaxle
•High Tech Speed Controller
•Neutral Throttle Braking
•Adjustable Acceleration/Braking
•36v(3) 105 Amp Batteries
•Variable Speed Twist Grip
•0-3 mph Forward/ Reverse
•Battery Discharge Indicator
•12″ Foam Filled Tires

Optional Trailer Puller – Motorized Trailer Puller Features

•3,000 lbs Hydraulic Actuator Lift Kit
•Ball Hitch and Steel Mounting Bracket
•King Pin Attachment for 5th Wheel Trailers
•Onboard Charger
•Safety Stop Switch
•Dual Set of 12″ foam filled Tires
•Brake Release Kit
•Safety Horn
•Pintle Hitch
•Flashing Light and Pole
•Upgrade to 18″ Drive Tires
•Upgrade to Dual 18″ Drive Tires

Motorized Trailer Puller Dimensions


Front and Side Trailer Puller Dimensions

The TrailerCaddy Motorized Trailer Puller is less bulky than the traditional product, which results in fewer accidents, lower maintenance costs, and minimal damage to surrounding parts and equipment due to the maneuverability and control the operator has using the TrailerCaddy electric trailer puller in tightly confined areas. DJProducts, Inc. can easily customize the trailer puller to work with any style trailer. Our trailer puller is battery powered for controlled, quiet operations and include a variable speed handle bar forwards and backwards for smooth acceleration and de-acceleration.

The unit comes powered with 3 deep cycle batteries for long run times and extended uses between charges. The trailer puller includes an electric braking system that can hold trailers on inclines to prevent run away trailers and possible accidents.

Many rental centers have used our electric trailer puller for staging heavy rental trailers for customer use, or marinas where customers need something more maneuverable for preparing their powered boats before launching. Utility and equipment trailers up to 20,000 lbs are moved with ease with this powered puller. Its great for indoor and out applications.

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Motorized Trailer Puller User Reviews

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