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Woman Leads the Charge to Help Distribution Centers be More Carrier Friendly

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Hats Off To This Girl Boss!

Our electric yard trucks are designed to make the job of shunting trailers easier and safer for workers of any age, size and gender. One industry group has joined forces with a tech company in an effort to make warehouses and distribution centers more accommodating for all truck drivers.

Changing Attitudes About the Driver Experience

In the past, shippers gave little if any thought to improving the experience of drivers who passed through their facilities. They believed that the practice of “turn and burn,” or loading and unloading trucks as quickly as possible, was more beneficial to the bottom line.

With today’s increased demand for transportation, high rates are eating away at shippers’ profit margins. Companies are finding that making their warehouses more attractive stops can result in them becoming a “shipper of choice,” which in turn can lead to lower rates.

Making Warehouses More “Carrier-Friendly”

Ellen Voie, president and CEO of Women in Trucking (WIT), sees an opportunity to help warehouses become more “carrier-friendly.” With the help of Dan Serewicz, co-founder of Dock411, Voie is gathering data in hopes of giving shippers incentive to make their facilities more welcoming for drivers.

Dock411 is an app that lets truckers share information about shippers such as hours of operation, loading times and driver amenities. The app also includes a simple three-question survey about treatment drivers receive at specific stops. Regular reports are provided to Voie, and she and Serewicz personally contact facilities that receive negative feedback.

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