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Warehouse Workers Adapt to New Roles as Robots Move In

By January 14, 2019March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Warehouse Workers Adapt to New Roles as Robots Move In

Robots Are Changing Warehouse Staffing and Management Techniques

Amazon is unquestionably an industry leader. The e-commerce company surpassed Walmart as the biggest retailer by market value years ago. According to Fortune, Amazon is worth more than Costco, Target, and Walmart combined. Companies like Walmart are scrambling to maintain revenue by increasing their focus on e-commerce. Currently, nobody does e-commerce better than Amazon. And the company Jeff Bezos founded in 1994 is fully embracing warehouse equipment and robots to stay ahead of others.

New challenges for employees

In the not so distant past, monotonous, repetitive jobs were done by humans for low pay. Thanks to advancements in technology, robots are now capable of doing more intricate tasks. While it’s true that many jobs that were traditionally completed by human hands are now being done by robots, Amazon’s staggering growth has created an abundance of other jobs that need to be filled by human workers. These jobs are mentally challenging and not repetitive, says 21-year-old Nissa Scott, who began working at one of Amazon’s New Jersey warehouses last year. She is responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting several robots.

Warehouse equipment benefits employees and companies

Warehouse management has a lot of things happening all at once and countless repeatable processes. Reliable, efficient equipment along with a proper focus on ergonomics and employee training helps to maintain profitability for a company by preventing back strains, reducing slip and fall injuries, and lowering the company’s costs associated with workplace injuries. The average cost to an employer due to a common trash room injury is more than $41,000.

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