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Warehouse Management Tips: How to Be Prepared for When Predictions Fail

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Be Prepared When Predictions Fail

Be Prepared When Predictions Fail

Technology has put more information than ever before in the hands of warehouse managers. Unfortunately, not everything is as reliable as quality warehouse equipment. Even the most knowledgeable predictions can fail to materialize.

How do you keep erroneous predictions from throwing operations off course? Follow these three helpful tips to be prepared for curves in the road.

Manage Costs Carefully

The boom in online retailing has been something of a mixed blessing. Sales have gone up, but profits are shrinking due to free shipping, competitive pricing and other costs of gaining customers.

– High-tech improvements are necessary but expensive, so focus on the long-term return on investment.

– Don’t be afraid to let shoppers bear some of the costs. Stricter return policies, free-shipping minimums and focus on high-value items are strategies to indirectly reduce costs while still providing customer satisfaction.

Maximize Square Footage

When is the last time you reviewed your warehouse layout? Do a careful analysis to identify dead space, optimize placement of high-volume SKUs and make any other changes needed to ensure full productivity of the entire footprint.

“Listen” to Your Customers

National news and market data provide an outlook on the general business climate, but it paints a picture in broad strokes that may not apply to your business. Take advantage of the detailed customer data that you have to watch for even slight changes that may indicate an upcoming positive or negative trend.

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