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A Look Ahead into Barcoding and Labeling Usage in Warehouses for 2019

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Barcoding Use in Warehouses

Barcoding Use in Warehouses

The rise in E-commerce has resulted in customer demand for greater speed with less room for error. Reliable material handling equipment and accurate barcoding and labeling are necessities to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the barcoding and labeling trends experts are seeing today. How does your system measure up?

Flexible Usage

Product demand, return volumes and seasonal fluctuations cause frequent changes in product slotting for maximum efficiency. Many barcoding and labeling systems are moving to materials that are easy to remove and reposition.

Advance Planning

When planning a warehouse layout, the barcoding and labeling process is often regarded as a secondary issue that can be handled on the fly. Putting it off until later can result in confusion, errors and delays. Make sure barcoding and labeling is part of the initial planning process for any new construction or renovations.


Colored barcode labels are more visible, making them particularly helpful with tiered racking systems. Color-coding also provides consistency across a network of warehouses or distribution centers.


Different conditions present different challenges for barcoding and labeling. For instance, a label that works in ambient temperatures may be insufficient for freezer use. Consider the environment that labels will be used in and be sure they can stand up to the conditions.

Full-Service Suppliers

As warehouse space grows to accommodate inventory levels required for E-commerce, barcoding and labeling becomes more complex. Full-service suppliers can handle the project every step of the way, from planning and preparation to creation and installation.

Modern Material Handling Equipment for Today’s Warehouses

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