Key performance indicators, or KPIs, have become standard elements of business plans in nearly every type of industry. In your warehouse, KPIs can be used to monitor and evaluate anything from purchases of material handling equipment to workplace safety.

Warehouse KPI's

Warehouse KPI’s – Why Use Them?

Why Use KPIs?

As the saying goes, you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. KPIs provide you with specific criteria to evaluate performance in predefined areas. Armed with solid data, you can then make any necessary adjustments to refine the journey toward your company goals.

KPIs for Warehouse Operations

No two companies will have the same KPIs. While there are a number of measurements that are commonly used, the final mix is based on your business plan and what factors you consider important.

Here are some KPIs that apply to major areas in a warehouse business model:

Business Performance

– Gross and net profits

– Costs (broken down by labor, inventory, equipment, etc.)

Operational Efficiency

– Utilization of resources

– Waste

– Order fulfillment


– Workplace accidents (number of incidents, time lost, etc.)

– Monthly health and accident prevention costs

– Percentage of products and services assessed for health and safety effects

“Green” Practices

– Emissions (CO2, greenhouse gases)

– Renewable energy usage

– Percentage of recycled materials used

– Total energy created on-site

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