Make Sure You Are Using the Mobile Tech That Makes Sense for Your Business

Make Sure You Are Using the Mobile Tech That Makes Sense for Your Business

The e-commerce market is rapidly expanding as consumers increasingly shift to online shopping. As warehouses and distribution centers spread and expand to meet the expanding needs of today’s online retailers, warehouses are being challenged to turn orders faster in efforts for retail venues to maintain a relevant online presence. To meet this challenge, they’re turning to real-time mobile technology in their warehouse equipment arsenal.

Different from Other Mobile Tech
In the warehouse environment, mobile technology differs from other applications. Used intensely for the duration of worker shifts, workers interact with devices hundreds-to-thousands of times per shift, making optimal design and operation critical to accomplishing tasks at hand, ensuring maximum productivity and accuracy.

Meeting Supply Chain Needs
Serving a range of industries, mobile warehouse technology featuring the latest capabilities, including UHF RFID for tracking warehouse equipment, assets, inventory, and workers, is becoming increasingly affordable.

Real-Time Location Solutions (RTLS) are growing in use and popping-up in warehouses nationwide, with its precision optimizing operational visibility, efficiency and safety.

Shipping warehouses can now scan, count, manage, and search for inventory in real-time, getting a complete picture of inventory at multiple locations. This not only reduces errors and improves customer service, but eliminates much of the legwork necessary for managing stock, pricing, and other product data that previously required a repetitive labor investment.

Compatible with Existing Automation & Technology
The latest mobile technology for warehouses, which is most effective when deployed collectively, is also capable of collaborating with existing and up-and-coming technology. From quick-picking drones to articulating arms working in tandem with sensor-fusion technology, precision industrial processes are the new standard.

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